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Hello everyone! Can you believe it’s already November? I can’t! Summer seemed to fly by. It feels like just yesterday we were enjoying summer barbeques and parties, and now Christmas is right around the corner. But time goes by fast when you have children. Sometimes you wish you could just freeze time to enjoy them at this current stage or perhaps even speed up time when they’re going through a rough patch.

So time has been flying by and Ollie is already 15 months old. It’s hard to believe. She’s going to be 18 and headed off to college before I know it. At 15 months Ollie is one busy girl. She gets into everything, and I mean everything. She loves helping her Mama around the house and by that I mean she helps me unload the dishwasher by dropping dishes on the floor, she helps me vacuum by unplugging it constantly, she helps me mop by dumping water all over the floor.

Also, Ollie is going through an awful separation anxiety phase. I can’t leave her sight for a minute without her crying “Mama!” She has to be close to me 24/7 and constantly follows me around. She’s basically my shadow. It’s overwhelming, but it’s also great. She keeps me busy and on my toes. She’s a handful but she’s also the cutest, funniest little girl and I love her more than anything.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I’ve finally wrapped up most of my Christmas shopping. I always remind myself to start my holiday shopping early but I still leave it until the last minute. What can I say? Shopping is so not easy with a toddler in tow! My little one wants to get into everything and has just recently begun throwing the most awful temper tantrums when I won’t allow her to. For example, we recently put up our Christmas tree and I’ve already counted 14 decorations removed by Ollie today. Did I mention that it’s only 10am? But that’s life with a toddler. It’s tough and tiring but also really fun.

Here’s some photos of our tree!

Kudos to Ollie for “helping” me with the decorating. Here’s hoping the tree stays up until Christmas!

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