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I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to write a post about motherhood and what it means to me for the past month but I’ve been so busy being a Mom that I have yet to find the time. Go figure! To be honest it will probably take me about a month to actually complete and publish this blog post. You’ve been warned.

Ollie has been in my life for almost a year now. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. Time really does fly when you’re having fun and I’ve been having so much fun. I really am incredibly lucky. I had a great pregnancy and an amazing birth experience. And Ollie has always been such a great baby. She briefly had an issue with colic but it passed within 2 weeks. She’s been sleeping through the night since she was 4 months old.

Ollie has 5 teeth and I suspect another tooth will make an appearance soon. Despite this, she hasn’t been all that cranky. She’s handled teething like a champ. I can’t help but assume she gets her strength from me. Her first 2 teeth came in around 5 months and last 3 came in within the last month. I consider this a blessing in disguise because it seems like the teething process will not be long and drawn out for her like it is for a lot of babies.

Update: When I started writing this post a few days ago, Ollie only had 5 teeth. Now she has 7! Teeth tend to come in pairs so it’s safe to say she’ll soon have 8 teeth.

Ollie crawls all over, gets into just about everything, stands on her own and walks with assistance from her walker. Her first word was “Mom”, second word was “Cat” and third word was “Duck”. We’re in the midst of full blown separation anxiety and I literally cannot leave her sight for a minute without hearing “Momamamamahhhh” followed by a wail of some sort. But it’s cute. It really is. And it’s so amazing having this little human around that totally loves you unconditionally and wants to be around you 24/7.

And obviously being a mom is exhausting. I don’t like to refer to motherhood as being a job but more of a career because I chose this life and I really do enjoy it. But it is tiring. Motherhood is 24/7 round the clock care of a tiny little human that relies on you for everything because she cannot do anything for herself. Your life is no longer about you and what you want/when you want it. And that’s okay.

Motherhood is skipping meals, hardly sleeping, going grocery shopping with a questionable stain on your shirt that just screams diarrhea or curry chicken, but you’re not sure which one it is and you don’t really care because you’re just so tired and overwhelmed. Motherhood is skipping your morning shower for the 4th time this week, changing a poopie diaper for the 6th time today, trading out your favorite tv show for nursery rhymes because they make your child happy. And let’s be super honest and kind of bordering on TMI here… motherhood is using the washroom while breastfeeding your baby because when nature calls… right?

But it’s great because motherhood has changed me for the better. I have become totally selfless and a much more rational, sensible, patient, understanding and compassionate person. Motherhood has taught me how to truly love someone who is an extension of myself, in turn teaching me to love myself. I am truly happy for the first time in my life and while there will be days where I am grouchy and exhausted, those days are totally worth it, and I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

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